Gemer library of Pavol Dobšinský in Rožňava offers the following basic and special lending services

Library information services provided on Lipová 3 street

  • lending services, absentee (home loan), full-time (library loan)
  • reservation of library documents
  • extension of the loan period
  • absentee lending of audio documents for disabled readers
  • advisory and consultancy services
  • study options in the study and reading room
  • search services
  • ILS (Interlibrary Loan Service) and ILL (International Interlibrary Loan Service)
  • reprographic services from the library collection
  • information services and regional bibliography
  • methodological services - for municipal offices, municipal libraries
  • organization of information - educational and cultural - social events for all ages

Electronic services

  • online catalog of library documents
  • publicly available internet, wifi
  • electronic delivery of documents
  • scanning of documents from the library collection
  • the ability to view your account over the Internet
  • reservation of library documents via the Internet
  • extension of books via the Internet
  • sending SMS messages about the possibility of picking up the required documents

Library - information services at the JUH branch

  • loan - absent (home), full-time (in the library)
  • reservation of library documents
  • extension of the loan period
  • organization of information-educational and cultural-social events

Audio books

Special service, free of charge
Borrowing audio documents for the blind, partially sighted and otherwise disabled. Any blind, visually impaired and otherwise disabled citizen can become a reader (user), upon presentation of a valid ID card and photocopy of the ID card, ID card


Interlibrary Loan Service (hereinafter referred to as ILL or ILS)

It is used to mediate the loan of library documents that are not in our library fund, from the collections of other libraries. When implementing the MVS loan, it is necessary to observe:

  • set lending time
  • in case of interest in the extension of documents, it is necessary to contact the staff of the educational department by e-mail or telephone 2 days before the expiry of the loan period. ILL(ILS) loans cannot be renewed automatically because:
    documents must be extended in the relevant library from which the document is borrowed. Following a successful extension, documents can be extended with us.
  • documents borrowed through the ILL(ILS) service cannot be extended immediately upon delivery, they can be extended if possible only before the expiry of the loan period.
  • ILL(ILS) - for non-compliance with the return deadline, there are reminders for each book. and a week according to the current price list.
  • ILL(ILS) is charged according to the current price list. Therefore, if you receive books from several libraries, the fee will be multiplied.
  • we also provide scans or photocopies of professional articles. The prerequisite is a complete bibliographic citation. Scanning (xerocopy) of articles remains with the reader after payment of a fee, which depends on the scope and fees of the supplying library.


International Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL)

It is used to obtain documents that are not in the library or libraries in Slovakia. We mediate these requests from abroad through the Slovak National Library Martin or the University Library of Bratislava.

The fee for ILL (EU countries) is according to the current price list.

phone: 0587880914 - section of educational literature


wheelchair access / shelf / staircase access


audio books and lending / computer with speech output / reading magnifier


working with special classes and groups / picture books and encyclopaedias

On-line catalog
Community events
Absence and presence loans
Music Therapy
Creation Therapy (Library with Hands)
Individual approach of workers