Services for the disadvantaged

We offer disabled users the opportunity to use the same library services as other users because we all have the same cultural and social needs.

Audio books

Special service, free of charge
Borrowing audio documents for the blind, partially sighted and otherwise disabled. Any blind, visually impaired and otherwise disabled citizen can become a reader (user), upon presentation of a valid ID card and photocopy of the ID card, ID card


Order form for search

A literature review is a summary of literature on the subject. Searches are developed from the nationwide database. The result is a bibliographic record of documents containing basic bibliographic data (author, title, place and year of publication, year, number, pages in the journal…).
When filling out the order form, it is important to include, in addition to personal information, the topic and keywords to the desired topic. Use keywords that describe the essence of your topic - according to the annotation of the work.

Search processing time: up to two weeks.

Search is secondary literature information, i. j. as mentioned above, it contains basic bibliographic data. It does not say whether we have specific documents in our library, because the search is made from the nationwide database.

The form can be picked up in printed form personally in the library in the section of educational literature, or it is possible to fill in one of the following forms and then send it to the e-mail address:


wheelchair access / shelf / staircase access


audio books and lending / computer with speech output / reading magnifier


working with special classes and groups / picture books and encyclopaedias

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