There were several civic associations in the town of Rožňava, which had a library for their members. The merger of the libraries of these associations was established in 1929 by the Public Library of Rožňava, which did not work regularly.

  • 1951

    On March 30, 1951, the Council of the District National Committee in Rožňava approved the establishment of the District People's Library in Rožňava by merging the public library of the Local National Committee with the state supplementary library and travelling libraries. In December 1951, the library was inaugurated with a library collection of 3,500 volumes.

  • 1955

    obtained the title of the Exemplary people's library, it included 52 towns in which town libraries were gradually created.

  • 1959

    The District Library in Rožňava became a center of methodological, bibliographic, information and interlibrary loan service within its territorial scope. With the issuance of the new Library Act No. 53/1959, a Unified System of Libraries was created.

  • 1963

    The library on Námestie baníkov no. 8 street in Rožňava is developing its activities, where it has been assigned 7 rooms with a separate study room. A separate Department of Bibliography and Regional Literature is being created, as one of the first departments in Slovakia.

  • 1968

    building a center system - 11 center libraries with 67 branches and 9 individual local people's libraries are being created, the Vargove pole branch in Rožňava was open to the general public

  • 1975

    the opening of a separate Department of Political and Educational Literature on Námeste baníkov 22 in Rožňava expands work with this literature and improves spatial conditions

  • 1978

    The library was visited by leading personalities of world librarianship - participants of the 44th IFLA Congress

  • 1982

    The district library in Rožňava, as the third library in the region, is setting up a music department in the Podrákoš housing estate in one residential cell in October.

  • 1987

    moving of lending premises from Námestie baníkov 8 to the premises in the building on Námestie baníkov 22. The South branch is expanding its premises and activities with all-day operation.

  • 1990

    moving of 3 departments - music, department for children and youth and department of beautiful literature to the akademika Hronca 9 street

  • 1993

    the automated processing of the library fund of the District Library began

  • 1996

    On July 1, 1996, the library became part of the Gemer Cultural Center in Rožňava

  • October 1996

    renaming of the District Library in Rožňava to the Gemer Library of Pavel Dobšinský in Rožňava

  • 1999

    Lending services began to be implemented through the Libris library and information system

  • 1.4.1999

    The Gemer Library of Pavel Dobšinský in Rožňava acquired legal subjectivity

  • 2000 – 2003

    reconstruction of the building for the needs of the library on Lipová 3 street

  • 2003

    all departments of the library and warehouses from 3 buildings were moved to a new reconstructed building on Lipová 3 street, where they still provide their lending and information services to the general public


Gemer library of Pavol Dobšinský in Rožňava is a cultural organization founded by the Košice self-governing region.

is a public regional library that creates a universal library fund for the Rožňava district, at the same time fulfills the mission of the municipal library for the city of Rožňava / collects, processes and preserves the library fund, makes information accessible and provides library information services to readers and the general public regardless of age, nationality and social status / implements information-educational and cultural-social events for children, youth and adults / focuses its activities on creating a positive relationship with literature, supporting the reading and promotion of literature and forming a positive relationship with its region / participates in creating and strengthening reading habits, develops reading, media and information literacy, helps the reader to obtain the highest quality information of various kinds / is an open institution that not only offers information from its library collections, but also exchanges information and documents within the cooperation of libraries, regardless of geographical or cultural boundaries, works with external information sources, offers the public the Internet